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Tourist Places Kolkata –

Coming to Kolkata? Want to know the Tourist Places of Kolkata? Confused about what to see? How to go? Then this blog is for you.

Kolkata is an old Mega city, Kolkata was the capital of India till 1911. Kolkata is famous for it’s History, Culture, Literature, Food and many more. To visit Tourist Places of Kolkata minimum 4 to 5 days you will need to spend. To make easy for you we divided Tourist Places of Kolkata into 5 parts – East, West, South, North and Central. In this blog we’ll discuss only the Eastern part. So lets start……………..


It the eastern indias best resort and water park which is spreed over 17 acres of land situated Kouchpukur, Hatgachia Rajarhat Kolkata, started in the year of 1999. Aquatica has a number of rides including blackhole ,Wave pool, Niagara falls, surf racer, Acqua dance floor.

How To Go –

Planty of public buses are there to visit there or hieing cab is also a good option.

Ticket Price –

Monday to Friday – Rs 900 per head and any holiday’s & Saturday, Sunday – Rs 1000 per head.



Another attraction in Newtown areais this museum. Established in Novembar 2014 in th year 2014. This museum contains wax statues of more than 19 famous characters from different fields like History, Sports, Politics, Hollywood, Bollywood, Music etc. Some of them are Rabindranath Tagore, Subhassh Chandra Bose, Gandhi ji, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Virat Kohli, Amitav B



It is a largest stadium in India, current capacity 85000 before renovation in 2011 the capacity was 120000 and was the 2nd largest football stadium in the world, the list of the legend played in this ground is too long like


It’s an amusement park full of fun rides, adventure and suspense. You can enjoy variety of rides over theresome of them are full of fun some are very interesting. There is no particular to visit nicco Park but winter is most comfortable. But in summer season you can enjoy the most attractive Water World full of Water based ride and fun. 

How to Go – It is situated in Sector V at Salt lake, very easy to go by local transporty or by privare car. Many Different Busses are there to go over ther from different part of Kolkata.

Timing – From morning 09.30 to evening 08.00.

Entry Fees – Starting from INR 185 per head.

ECO Park

Want to see visit Rain Forest and want to see 7 wonders in the heart of the city. Then this place for you. Here you can also enjoy Musk Park, Butterfly Park and Water Rides. You can also avail Battery car and cycle to enjoy the park comfortably.  There are some awesome accommodation options also you can stay at ethnic cottages.  Best time to visit Eco Park is Winter but you can go Eco park at any season. 

How to Go – This place is at Rajarhat New Town The newest part of Kolkata. Very well accessible by local transport. different buses are there to go Eco Park but cab is the best option.

Timing – Eco park is open for public from 02.30 p.m. to 08.30 p.m. 

Entry Fees -Entry tickets is INR 30 only.


If you want to enjoy ice skating, Rock climbing, Football on snow, Dream castle then you must visit the fabulous Snow Park in the hot city. Don’t worry the organizer will provide the Jacket, Shoes and other accessories. It is in AXIS Mall at New town Rajarhat. Best time to visit Summer.

How to Go – This par is at Axis Mall New Town. Very well accessible by local transport. different buses are there to go Eco Park but cab is the best option.

Timing – One hour slot starting from 11.00 a.m.

Entry Fees – INR 500 per head. 

To cover all these Tourist Places of Kolkata you have to spend minimum a whole day.

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