Sandakphu Tour Package

Sandakphu Tour Package

Want to travel Sandakphu? Want to know every detail about Sandakphu? This Blog post is for you.

Sandakphu is the highest point of West Bengal. The beauty of Sandakphu is indescribable, you can image that in one frame you can see four out of five highest peaks of the world – Mount Everest (8848 mt), Kanchenjunga (8586 mt), Lotse (8516 mt) and Makalu (8481 mt). Not only Sandakphu the way to reach there is full of beauty and surprises.


How to go

Entry point to visit Sandakphu is Manebhanjan. From any part od India you have to reach Bagdogra by flight, NJP by train or Siliguri by bus. And from those places Manebhanjan is only 3.5 hours journey. you can book a car or take share taxi from Darjeeling More near to Siliguri Rail Station. There is only one share taxi from Darjeeling more to Manebhanjan but you can go via Ghum, Sukhiapokhri or Mirik as per availability. 

Where to Stay

Staying options are very limited. Only at Manebhanjan options are plenty otherwise few homestays and GTA Trekker’s Hut are the options for night stay. GTA Huts are well located except Gairibas all other GTA Huts and suitable for trekkers only not for families because the toilets are common and there are no electricity. If you are coming with families stay at Homestays.

For Homestay booking Call – +91 8481969688 

How to Plan

From Manebhanjan you can reach Sandakphu by two ways

Option 01 – TREKKING

If you want to trek then you need minimum 4 to 5 nights for the trip. 

Day 01 – Manebhanjan is the entry point and from there you can take the permission for entering Singalila National Park and also book the guide. After that you can stay over there or if time permits trek upto Chitrey only 3 km for night stay. 

Day 02 – After breakfast trek upto Tunglu or Tumling. At Tonglu only option is GTA which is not well maintained but at Tumling options are plenty.

 Day 03 – Third night stay at Kalapokhri which is approx 10 km away from Tumling. Few basic homestays are there and food is also very ordinary.

Day 04 – Fourth day you will reach Sandakphu which is only 6 km away, but this will be the toughest. The beauty of Sandakphu will compencete that. GTA and other small hotels are thereso don’t expect much all accommodations are basic.

Day 05 – next day time to come back via Singalila forestto Gurdum or Srikhola.Gta and few homestays are there for night stay.

Day 06 – Next day first come to Rimbik and from there take a cab or share taxi to Siliguri or Darjeeling.

Option 02 – LAND ROVER

The other option is Land Rover car of 1950’s. This heritage cars still running with it’s own pride. You need to book the car from Manebhanjan Land Rover accociation. you don;t need to take guide in this case. you can go upto Sandakphu one day but taking one night rest at tumling is recomended for acclimatization. Road upto Gairibas is very good but beyond that road condition is pathetic.

Wheather and Best time to Visit

Best time to visit Sandakphu is from end of March to June and October to November. January to March is very tough time due to very cold weather. This time temperature goes bellow freezing temperature and you can enjoy snowfall. April May is the Spring time and the time famous for Rhododendron flower. October and November is the best time to see the Himalyan range because that time you will get the clearest sky.

Places To Visit


Chitrey is a small hamlet just 3 km from Manebhanjan. A quite place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. There is a small Monastry and a Gumphaat Lower Chitrey and SSB Camp at upper chitrey. Only 1 km distance between lower and upper chitrey. At Upper Chitrey there is a small pokhri (pond) famous for Salamander.  Chitrey is the perfect place to start the trekking.


Tonglu is 8 km from Chirtey and Tumling is another 2 km from Tonglu. From both the places you can enjoy the beautiful view of mount Kanchenjunga. from my point of view Tonglu is little better. The main difference is Tonglu is in India and Tumling is at Nepal. On a cleat day the view Tonglu you’ll never forget.


Gairibas is mainly famus for bird watchers. The places arround GTA is excellent for bird photography. non bird watchers can also enjoy the calm and quite place. Thje GTA Hut is one of the best GTA Hut. 


Kalapokhri name itself describes the place. There is a little pokhri or pond and the colour of the water is  black water. this place was badly effected by the earth quake in Nepal 2015.


Sandakphu one of the best Hill station in India. Highest point of Bengal and the 180 degree view of Himalyan range including top four peaks out of five top peaks of the world you’ll never forgot in life. This is must visit places for every Indians.


Srikhola is 16 km down from Sandakphu. A small village on the bank of Sri Khola river. Few homestays are there for night stay. After the trek a day rest may be a good option.

Bird Watching

This trip is great for bird lovers. More than 500 types of birds found in this region. March to May is the best time for bird watchers. Some very rare birds like Satyr Tragopan, Blood pheasant, Fire tailed Mizornis, Cross bill, Finches, are common in this area. Not only birds this place is famus for Red Panda also.


Budget always depend on number of heads and number of days of the trip. I’m trying to give an idea. Accommodation rate are like GTA Rs 200 per headand all other homestays roughly Rs 1000 per day per head including food. Hotels at Sandakphu Rs 1800 – 2000 roughly. Food charges roughly Rs 200 – 250 per meal. Guide charges Rs 1000 per day. Land Rover charges Rs 4500 round trip and Rs 1000 per extra night. Permit charges Rs 100 per head and Camera chrges Rs 100.

Special Note -

  1. ** Weather is very unpredictable so carry umbrella or rain coat.
  2. ** Carry adequate worm cloths.
  3. ** Carry COCA-6 for high altitude sickness.
  4. ** For Permit carry ID proof.
  5. ** There is no ATM so carry cash.
  6. ** Nearest ATM is at Sukhiapokhri.
  7. ** Always take packaged drinking water.

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