Old Silk Route Tour Package

Silk route package tour

Old Silk Route Tour Package

Want to travel Sikkim little differntly? Want to know every detail about Sikkim Old Silk Route? This Blog post is for you.

Sikkim Old Silk Route was the connecting road between Tibet and Bengal mainly to trade Silk. Traders from Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim also used this road for trading. So historically the route was very very important. Now this road is closed for trading but you can enjoy the senic beauty of the road.This trip is full of variety. If you want to relax on the lap of nature, you can do that. If you want light trekking, you can do that. Bird watching, Landscape photography, Biking any thing you want you can do. 

How to go

If you are coming by Flight you have to reach Bagdogra from there take a cab, by train you have to reach New Jalpaiguri (NJP) Station and rest is same. From bagdogra or NJP cab is available but in season its little difficult to get cab in reasonable price. So pre book cab is recommended. Cab charges varries from Rs 3500 to 4000 per day including everything.

Where to Stay

When you are planning for the accommodation, my suggestion is divide  the stay in two slabs. First – Bellow 9000 feet and Second over 9000 feet. In the first category options are plenty like – Sillerygaon, Icchegaon, Rolep, Rishikhola, Aritar, Lingtham etc, but option in secong category are limited like Zuluk or Dzuluk, Lungthung and Gnathang Valley. In every places accommodation is basic home stays. You’ll get a decent room with attached western toilet, that’s all. In high altitude if you need hot water home stay owners will provide you that in bucket and they will not charge anything extra for that. Overall you will get a good budget room and charges for that Rs 1000 to 1200 per day per head including Lunch, Evening tea, Dinner and Breakfast. Food is very good, it’s little different but very testy.  

How to Plan

Planning is the most important part of your travel. First you have to decide total no of days you afford. For me 4 nights is minimum and 5 to 6 nights is the ideal. For 4 nights trip spend First night at Sillery gaon or Icchegaon, Second night at Padamchen or Dzuluk, Third night at Lungthung or Gnathang Valley and Fourth night at Rishikhola or Aritar. For 5 nights spend both Lungthung and Gnathang Valley. And for 6 nights spend both Aritar and Rishikhola. 

Wheather and Best time to Visit

You are going to a hill station and weather will be cold surely. October and November sky will be superb clear so you can enjoy the view of Himalaya. End of December to middle of March full of snow from Dzuluk onward so temparature will very cold. End of March to June season of flowers. So decide accordingly.

Places To Visit

If you want to know places to visit then my suggestion open your eyes and be prepare for surprises. Still there are some must visit places like – Remiti view point, Kiukhola Falls, Pangolakha Sanctuary, Thambi View Point, Old Baba Mandir, Kupup Lake and Kupup Bazar ect. So always be ready with camera and capute memories.

Bird Watching

Are you bird lover or bird watcher? If yes then this is the place for you. Due to variety in altitude these places are full of variety of birds. Himalyan Monal, Fire tailed myzornis, Fire tailed Sunbird and many more are very common in these area. So Old Silk Route id Bird Watchers paradise.  


Your budget will depend on no of days no of heads. 6 to 8 heads are the ideal for this Old Silk Route Tour Package. Fooding and lodging are fixed the only variable factor is car. So plan accordingly.

Special Note -

  1. ** Weather is very unpredictable so carry umbrella or rain coat.
  2. ** Carry adequate worm cloths.
  3. ** Carry COCA-6 for high altitude sickness.
  4. ** Permit charge as per today Rs 500 for a car at Rongli.
  5. ** There is no ATM so carry cash.
  6. ** Always take packaged drinking water.

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